Your wedding day — the only truly special day of your life!

• Rent an Island in Florida for only $100 (Jim did it!)
• Take your vows with your toes in the sand
• How about a Castle in Europe?
• Get married at a Disney resort or before a cruise with family/friends
• What about Mexico or Caribbean beaches?
• Las Vegas-- an elegant wedding on the strip or on a yacht on the lake!

• We cater to all budgets and needs
• A romantic weekend in Colorado or Maine
• Around the world through Asia, Africa, or Europe
• A relaxing warm beach
• Perhaps you prefer adventure?

So many choices — we will design the perfect getaway for the two of you!

Jim has been legally ordained to perform wedding ceremonies in all 50 states! Call him for details!

Jim's Wedding Tips:

• Keep your guests in mind-- consider cost and distance of the destination
• Know the marriage rules/residency requirements of the destination
• Find out what happens if your guests stay off site
• Be flexible-- a destination wedding may not offer as many options
• Book early to secure the date/time you really want
• Give your guests as much notice as possible
• Alert your credit card company before you depart so no problems!
• Don't invite to be polite!
• Leave travel arrangements to a pro-- you have other details to worry about!
• Try to use florals native to the region
• Make a dramatic exit from the wedding (eg. on the deck of a white power boat)
• Throw an after-party at home
• Bring your own beauty supplies (you may have trouble finding what you need)
• Watch your sun exposure before the wedding
• Plan a few unique excursions for your guests specific to your destination
• Keep your rings safe
• Create a directory of guests' room numbers
• Say thank you to your guests-- include a note in their rooms for them upon arrival! They've traveled so far to be with you on your special day!